A Change of Plans

Posted by Kevin Soltysiak on January 27, 2016 Topics: Writing

Up until now, this blog has been a collection of articles about technical topics mostly related to ember.js, javascript, and ruby. We are on a technical blog, after all. Or should I say, we were.

As time went by, I noticed I had a writing pattern: I would be inspired for a few articles, stick with my schedule for a few weeks, and when the list or topics I want to explore or feel comfortable enough about to write about is dry, I'll stop for a few weeks again until it comes back.

I've considered "forcing" myself to write one post every week, hoping that the constraint of the deadline would stimulate me. But this is just not how I enjoy writing. I don't want to find stuff to write about because I have to; I want it to be an actual desire, something I need to do.

These last few months, I found myself wanting to write about other subjects (non tech-related), but I felt that this was not an appropriate place, and did not want to setup another blog or open an account on some publishing platform.

As of now, this changes: this blog is no longer a technical one. The previous posts will stay up and their URL will not change; for the time being, there will not be a split between my technical writing and my other writings. That could change in the future though, at which point I'll let you know.

I'm hoping what I will write about will be of some interest to some of you. I know of a few things I want to write about, and maybe I'll try my hand to fiction sometime. I'm leaving the comments section opened for the time being, but should it ever becomes a space with negative voices being expressed, they will be gone.

As usual, you can join me on twitter, hit the comments, or send me an email if you would like to react to this. Thank you for reading!